The Most Powerful SMS Marketing System
For The Average Home Business Owner

Why SMS Marketing?
Reach your target audience more effectively with SMS Marketing System.

Pay only for messages sent. Packages start at less than $0.02 per message.

Fast & Simple

Easy-to-use dashboard to quickly upload lists, copy your message, and send.

Extremely Effective

95% of Americans own a mobile phone; 92% open to read text messages.
SMS Marketing 3X Higher Open Rates than Traditional Marketing.
Text message marketing is extremely effective, reaching thousands of prospects at just the press of a button.

How it Works

The online dashboard is simple and easy to use. Upload your phone numbers list then schedule an uploaded message so users receive your Ringless Voicemail Drop.
Our system will call you so you can immediately record your message directly from your phone.
Or you may also upload your own audio file.
Note: The best free audio software program for record from a PC is Audacity.com
Enter the phone number you want to show on the caller ID of the user receiving the Ringless Voicemail Drop.
Enter time & date. Select the time and date in which your Ringless Voicemail Drop will be deployed.
The prospect will hear your voice message and Press 1 for more information.
At which time they will receive all your personal info you entered in the back office profile.
You now have permission to send text messages!

You’re ready to send your campaign!
Getting started it’s simple!
Click the tab below to get your Press1Vcard Software Today.

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