What You Should Know Before Invest

 Startling Facts About Your Retirement Income

Did you know

 …that 85% of your social security could be taxed when you go to take the money out?  Did you know… that IRA‘s, bonds, CD‘s, and Keogh Plans are TAXABLE upon withdrawal?   And some retirement plans are taxable up to 50% depending on your tax bracket?   Would you agree with this kind of taxation?  I HOPE NOT…    

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying, I Wish There Was A Better Way To Save? 

Have you heard of Index Universal Life? A IUL is composed of 2 basic pieces:  First, a permanent insurance policy that will pay a death benefit whether you die young or old.  Secondly, it has cash value account from which you can borrow money tax-free in order to pay any expense or retirement anytime.  The IUL, has a specific formula outlined in the Insurance policy crediting a favorable rate of return based upon the performance of the stock market and the cash value of the policy.

The basic premise is that when the stock market goes down, you’re guaranteed a crediting rate of zero to 4%.  When it goes up, you get to “participate” in that increased return.   It keeps your money risk free plus, a personal risk free.

Maybe you’ve already protected your wealth from the next possible crash and you’re set up for good growth.  If that’s the case then you probably don’t need us…  but if on the off chance you happen NOT to address this already, then that’s something we can help you with.   If you definitely want to make sure you never run out of money in your retirement, we can set up a life time income retirement fund for as long as you live…

Would you like for me to show you how to potentially grow your money with a good rate of return saving your wealth from the next downturn or possible big crash?   Would you like to solve this tax problem before you retire?  Now’s the best time to build wealth and secure your future!

Own A Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use.

Our National Life Insurance – Index Universal Life Policy with the Accelerated Living Benefits Rider… not only allows you to save and invest your money for retirement, but secures your future income from a chronic, a critical or a terminal illness.  An all in one exclusive policy with one affordable premium.  Fabulous!!! Take advantage of this offer now…

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Author: Eddie Lutz

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