The Sad Truth About Prospecting

A Good Solution: Invest In Real Time Exclusive Insurance Leads


Listen,  you must own up to the truth about prospecting!  Why would you want to roam the residential neighborhoods and business parks looking to find a prospective client?  Knowing darn well a complete stranger has no interest in being approached this way.

I have to admit for years I got it all wrong in the beginning.  My point of entry was out trying to execute the three foot rule.  And foolishly placing post cards – business cards – drop cards, etc, on gas pumps, on the shelves of the book stores.  What’s even more silly, I was leaving a generous tip attached to a business card for the waiters and waitresses.  Where ever and whatever prospecting method my weary mind could conjure up, I tried it!  Just hoping to get in front of anyone who may show some interest.  Only to discover no one was willing to take the time to listen.

The sad truth, all things being equal, I came to the realization, these cold prospecting methods are completely out of date and are totally ineffective.  Trust me, if you’re continuing to try warm market prospecting and just spinning your wheels searching for your next prospective client at the restaurants, bars, shopping malls, grocery stores or else where and you’re tired of riding the tail end of this donkey, STOP! STOP!

Come into  agreement with what you’re reading and viewing here!  Understand… your sales quota depends on how fast and how much emphasis you place on marketing.  That’s right!  Putting first things first.  Your sales volume comes in direct proportion to what marketing tools you put into place to capture and generate your own target leads.  Investing in marketing /advertising is mandatory to grow any business!  Otherwise, the alternative is to have access to a good lead source company.  This is the starting point if you desire any consistency with building a new home-based business.

If you want opt-in [prospects] leads coming into a sales funnel, climb aboard and we’ll gladly show you how to promote online.  Or if you want a great health and life insurance leads source, climb aboard and we’ll gladly show you where.  Just know, having a consistent flow of exclusive leads flowing into your CRM and applying a daily method of operation makes all the difference in the world.  Writing new business each day equals continuous sales volume.  This is how you play the game of selling and recruiting.  This is what I teach my group and how we’re building a successful home business.

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Author: Eddie Lutz

Webberville, Texas USA | | 737.239.4629