Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

How To Use Today’s Technology To Move Into The Real World Of Entrepreneurship

Believe me, I know how tough it can be trying to find a prospect who might be interested in health or life insurance.  And spending your precious time trying to prospect your friends is a complete waste of time, energy and money.

And certainly calling upon your immediate family who already own personal insurance or not, IS NOT a smart idea.  Now I agree once they know you’re a licensed agent, let them come to you if the need arises. But having to approach them out of desperation is no way to act as a professional insurance producer.

This is Worth Noting as Well…
Propositioning friends is not worth losing a relationship!  You can always place a business post card or brochure in the US Postal mail letting them know you’re in the business offering health, life and annuities.  This makes much more sense and shows expert conduct… besides, why sell to someone who isn’t serious about keeping a personal protection policy enforce and/ or interested in an long term investment strategy?  Why keep eating the dust hitting the pavement wasting precious time hoping to find a prospective client?  Does this make sense to you? 

Understand your future customers and business partners are on the web!   Concentrate on building your business first by utilizing the 90 million people who come to the internet every year and already possess the mindset about purchasing heath or life insurance policies.   These people are eager for more information.  And as an independent agent you must understand, insurance in 2019 is not sold – it is bought by the prospect.

Furthermore, today with the advent of technology one of the the best ways to sell life and health insurance is to purchase exclusive insurance leads online.  Choose a company that provides leads in your home town zip code area or surrounding counties and call to set schedule appointments.  Or decide to set aside a monthly budget for online advertising and start ad campaigns capturing your own leads.  **With the ‘GORINGLESS EXTREME’ software you can schedule daily voice mail drops right to a prospects cell phone.**  This is my favorite because it’s a highly effective way to generate real-time insurance leads on the fly.  Click the banner to the right and discover how you can have someone to talk to about your business within a few hours of setting up the program.

The Internet is Right at Your Finger Tips…
Your next prospect just opted in online looking for life insurance… Your next prospect just opted in online looking for health insurance… seventy percent of the American people who want insurance protection come line searching for coverage.  And the vast majority fill out different types of insurance long forms everyday.  My lead company representative has told me they have so many leads they don’t even have enough insurance reps to purchase them all.  Now how does tip your jar?

Why not learn how to take advantage of online lead generation?  Why would you continue to struggle?  Why stay in doubt and get left behind?   This business is easy when you apply the sales and marketing strategies that we teach.  Discover how you can end any and all old outdated prospecting methods.  Let us help you put disrupt your future!   The time is now to put a stop to cold prospecting endeavors.  Click the tab below for more information!   Start today building your very own agency working from home… offering health and life insurance and annuities to the masses who already raised their hand requesting the info



Author: Eddie Lutz

Webberville, Texas USA | admin@eddielutz.com | 737.239.4629