Key Components To Online Success

Mastering Internet Marketing…

We Help YOU to Perfect These Key Components: 

1 –  Study and learn all about the company you represent. 
Start a personal/ purposeful Word Press blog.  The type of content to write about would be… the company, the leadership, the product and your online experiences with your company. Write what you know about internet marketing, any computer skills and whatever hobbies or talents you possess.  And of course, persuade the reader why they should join YOU.  From inside the WP back office create different sales funnel systems connect hyperlinks to banners and to your capture pages and landing page websites.  Hyper-link each call out button and redirect onto the company’s home page.  BTW; if you have joined Facebook and other social media groups, connect those links as well.

2 – Established an online presence.
At this point you should be well on your way to creating homemade video’s and uploading them to YouTube.  Now that you’re spending one or two hours a day creating content for the web you can begin posting ads on social media sites, forums, classified ads and promoting the company’s banner ads on other blog post sites.  My favorite promotion is posting on Craigslist.

3- It’s time to purchase real-time leads and begin promoting to your list.
Starting out you can invest in a 50 real-time leads package.  The subscribers are curiously wanting more information about the online business opportunity they opted in for.  Because you’re now sending email campaigns from the Auto-responder, SMS messages and your Voicemail Broadcaster –  touch base to let them know you’re a real person.  Call and connect with those subscribers [leads] on your list. 

4 – Implement a ninety day business game plan.
Begin a daily work schedule.  Create and add additional email messages to your Auto-responder and broadcast to your subscribers.  Edit each of the email campaigns in the back office of your Auto-responder by adding pics and your affiliate links. Next, create several 140 character word text messages to place in your SMS software and schedule the text message for the afternoon.  Preferably between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. Since you now have an opportunity to build a subscription list, memorize the PDF prospecting call script and voice mail message.

5 – Finally, now that you have developed your leadership skills…  
Cultivate your online business relationships.  Continue your tele-commuting and tele-computer tech skills.  Expand your web presence.  You are now ready to teach others how to repeat this process all while your bank account is steadily increasing.  
Become the best you can be!  

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