How to Create a Blog and Why?

You’re Destined To Fail… 
If You DO NOT Create a Web Presence

Continue to repeat the same bad habits month after month year after year expecting positive results just isn’t logical.  As a network marketer, leading people to your company’s affiliate website over and over is NOT the answer to getting new enrollments.  Seriously stop and think about it!   Which would you prefer – to peddle your wares out on the public streets or in a store front?

If you want to get new sign ups into your home business then you got to get to work!   Getting sign ups requires a location with the art of selling.  What better way to educate and basically persuade someone than reading a blog post or viewing a video.

Five Reasons Why You Want to Create a Blog and Web Pages for Sponsoring or Recruiting…
1. By sending your subscribers to a compelling website or a personal blog exhibits reality with a personal connection.
2. Capturing a phone number gives you the ability to reach out and make a call… directing them to your URL sales presentation web page.
3. Always follow up with email campaigns from the Auto-Responder and text messages leading them through the sales funnel system web pages.
4. Some capture pages let’s you collect a fax number where you can send out your best written facsimile sales letter with your best website URL.
5. Once you verified their correct home mailing address send a brochure, a postcard or sales letter placed in the US Postal Mail highlighting your best web page.

Why Should He/ She Join You?
When you show a subscriber/ prospect how he/ she became a subscriber and that they are capable of doing the same thing that’s what Network|Internet Marketing is about!  As a online marketer/ home business owner creating various forms of content for the web influencing your subscribers to enroll into your business takes on a whole new light.  You want to write about your company’s products, services and the affiliate programs which you own to as many personal websites and/or blog locations as possible.  Having ownership of a high converting sales pages on the web is the most powerful way to sponsoring new members.

Too Many People Are Uninformed!
However, if you desire to understand how this all works and want to set up a WordPress Blog or create Multiple Sales Funnels, ICS has all these web programs available in the back for creating a blog, capture pages, and sales pages with video training lessons.  More importantly, if you have an inclination to learn about how to build a home-based business, I am here to help you one-on-one with online coaching ~ following enrollment of course.

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Post Script:
I know the video is about a WordPress Blog and the OptimizedPress Plugin, but basically as a networker you must understand without creating a presence on the internet, you will not have much success as a marketer… period!

Author: Eddie Lutz

Webberville, Texas USA | | 737.239.4629