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 Fundamentals Factors to Network | Internet Marketing Profits

We’re building a wealth train working from home on the internet.  We want to invite YOU to take part in creating a PROFITABLE home Internet marketing biz.  This is the break-thru YOU are longing for.


  1. Great Product: An Internet Marketing Program with 50% commissions payable to YOU…
  2. The Highest Converting Sales Funnel System: capture pages, landing pages, sales pages and more…
  3. WordPress Platform: EZ  blogging platform builder…
  4. Auto-Responder: Word processor with multiple pre-written email campaigns…
  5. SMS: Text messaging software…
  6. CRM APP: For Iphones, Ipad and Androids – complete contact system with tracking all at your fingertips…
  7. Real-time Lead Packages: the best way to build and list to create a community business…

. . .talk about a simple way of to build a list, contact prospects, connect personally and make daily conversions.

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I’m sure YOU agree these fundamental factors to Internet Marketing are the keys to a successful home biz… it’s exactly how YOU get paid BIG Commissions!

Click the ‘Get Started Now’ tab below… on the following page click on the “Join PFA” tab, fill out the registration form, choose a short user name and password then email me for my associate ID.  So completes the simple join page. That’s it… YOUR Done!

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Unwritten Rules For Online Success

In this post I want to discuss why you need to create your very own blog or website!  By creating content for the web is how you’re going to be able to persuade more people to join your business program.  This is how you put some skin in the game.

By having your own presence on the web is how you’re going to connect, train and coach others the principles of success marketing.  You show authority and leadership by educating your new group members from a blog or website.

Advertising online or purchasing a real time leads list or a target market leads list and capturing a name and email address from a squeeze [capture] page is a must.  Building a subscription list is the beginning stage to internet marketing.  Sending out multiple email campaigns weekly from a working professional Email auto-responder to influence the subscriber an action step is the key factor to building a successful business online or offline.  There's flesh and blood behind those email addresses. So persuading the reader [prospect] to enter their personal information granting you privilege to send email messages is paramount.

Imagine for a second waking up someday having an online community of 100, 500, 10,000 or more active subscribers on your LIST.  . . AND many of them becoming buyers, partners [members] into your organization.

So, if your interested in receiving monies electronically deposited daily into your own bank account...  let’s get YOU started now!  Building Wealth in Networking



Online Success is Only as Good as Your Email Marketing

Successful business people and sales people know that the key to success is to set up a system that allows you to be productive, efficient and making sales.

In the online business world, it is a well known fact that leads are the life blood keeping your business profitable.

So, it makes perfect sense that you would want to set up a Sales Funnel System that will consistently and efficiently do three things:

1) Capture the name and email addresses – Subscribers: ie- leads or prospects
2) Follow up with daily email campaigns from an Auto-responder.
3) Landing Pages offering the prospects your affiliate program sites or to your primary home business website.

It Doesn't Matter What Business You're In

*if you are an Ezine writer... you need new subscribers.
* if you are a Real Estate Agent... you need new buyers and sellers.
* if you are an entertainer... you need more fans and venues.
* if you are a network marketer... you need more home biz prospects.
* if you are an insurance agent... you need more consumer leads.

That's Exactly What Sales Funnel System Can Do For You

Our sales funnel system allows YOU to place effective ad copy and track the results of your online promotions.

Our marketing system allows YOU to capture web site visitors placing them into any online auto-responder.

These subscribers are no longer on your targeted leads list, but new subscribers, possibly prospects interested in becoming clients or sign-ups as sales partners.

You truly have nothing to lose, here.  You will have a full 30 days to try out this marketing system.  Upgrade your membership the program is yours for life..

Review the internet marketing training videos inside the back office and test out this easy publish marketing system for yourself.

Put this online marketing system to the test in your business. Kick the tires and really check it all out.

It's Unbeatable!

Side Note: I am no longer involved with the Empower Network or Epic Squeeze Page program;  they are no longer online, but the programs with the hyper-links on this blog site I am an affiliate and have been for several years now. . .