Beginning Steps To An Online Presence

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The Beginning Stage to Internet Marketing is to Create Your Very Own Websites

By creating written content and video’s for the web is how you’re able to persuade more people to join your home business program!

This is how you put some skin in the game.

By having a web presence you show authority and leadership.

Advertising | promoting online collecting full name, email address and phone number from a capture [squeeze] page is one of the best ways to build your list and grow your business!

Owning an email subscription list are the people [prospects] to whom you promote your business offer. 

Inside this WordPress software program there are video’s training lessons that show you how to set the software up with WordPress.

It’s a complete editor for creating multiple squeeze pages, landing pages and sales pages.

Again, these squeeze [capture] page integrate with all the online auto-responders.

Using an auto-responder such as Aweber to send out multiple email campaigns to your subscribers influencing an action step is the key factor to building a successful online business!

There’s flesh and blood behind those email addresses.

As a new subscriber on your list, this now grants you the privilege to send email messages; a way for you to make personal contact.

It’s paramount you reach out with a phone call.

When you create a data form to collect a phone number, reach out because they would like to know if what you have is a legitimate offer.

Imagine for a second waking up having an online community of 500, 5,000 or more active subscribers on your list?

AND many of them becoming partners [members] into your primary biz opp?

By connecting, training and coaching new subscribers the principles of online marketing from your blog or website is a fun business.

And ‘YES’ educating is crucial to your success.

So, if youre interested in receiving monies electronically deposited into your own bank account through through Paypal, let’s get YOU started now!

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Author: Eddie Lutz

Webberville, Texas USA | | 737.239.4629