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How To Get Results Creating A Community Business From The Internet…

When you decided to get involved in network marketing did know how difficult it would be to recruit new members?  When your sponsor told you to write down a list of all the people you know since child birth, did you laugh?

When you went through all the memory joggers and came up with a list of names, did you believe these people would surely be great at this?  And when you started calling your family and friends, I bet you thought they’d jump on it, right?

Well, if you were anything like me, when you called you found to quickly they wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  You know why?  Plain and simple – they have an EMPLOYEE mentality.  If it’s NOT instant gratification, they want nothing to do with it.

Forgive them, they don’t understand how the network marketing business model works!  So,  it’s time to forget all that… leave these types of people alone!  Stop and think about it!  What profession are you going to earn $10,000 a month or more without getting the proper education, training and support?  This NWM business model works for hundreds of thousands of networkers around the world.

Do YOU Want To Know Why?  Because They Get It!

The TOP INCOME EARNERS understand in order to build a large down-line and achieve financial independence and time freedom… you’ve got to learn how to play the game of NWM/MLM.  Certainly learn the communication skills of this industry and to whom you should approach and how to recruit them!

Under My Leadership You’ll Receive The Very Best Training and Support:

1. You’ll learn how to schedule a [DMO] daily mode of operation.
2. How to create persuasive online and offline marketing tools to generate leads.
3How to set up and apply a 90 day telemarketing campaign blitz.
4. Where to find and reach your target market.
5. How to write and schedule email, SMS [text] and ringless voice message campaigns.
6. What’s the right questions to ask as a master recruiter.
7. And how to micro-manage and train a down-line.

Now, if YOU WANT TO EARN $500 – $5000 or more a month in residual commissions and you’re NOT INTERESTED in spending a fortune on internet advertising, great!

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If you want to ENJOY the finer things in life…
And if you want to ELIMINATE all the stress and uncertainty of your future…

Become an member of our group today!  You’ll receive the finest internet | network marketing educational training possible.  You’ll learn how to apply our Systematic Sponsoring System’ and by doing so, you will discover ~ how you can work behind your computer at your desk or even if it’s at the kitchen table to create the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed!

Now, If This Makes Perfect Sense To You…

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Author: Eddie Lutz

Webberville, Texas USA | admin@eddielutz.com | 737.239.4629